Tecnam P2012 Traveller

The P2012 Traveller is designed around a flexible, intuitive and low pilot workload demanding cabin with comfortable access for a second pilot when required.

The avionic suite is based on the latest generation Garmin G1000 Nxi, composed of two 10-inch PFDs and a single central 12-inch MFD. Remote redundant AHRS and ADC (inertial and air data units) provide the main flight and attitude information, whilst a third back-up is provided by a small, vertical layout MD-302 (Mid-Continent). 

Communications and navigation are based on dual remote units which provide selectable data on the cockpit screens. An optionally provided Flight Management Optional system keyboard (FMS) allows immediate and comfortable insertion of frequencies and waypoints, while another optionally provided Garmin Flight Stream device allows an immediate and wireless link between flight suite and portable devices such as tablets or smartphones for immediate introduction of flight plans, waypoints, routes, frequencies etc.